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Purity for The Skin

Hello! Recently I have had a try of a few different products for skin care (body not face) and stumbled across these wonders. “Frank” is a naturally made body scrub of coffee grounds, brown sugar, essential oils, orange extract and other beautiful ingredients that you rub all over your body and literally have the worlds softest skin as a result. It’s beautiful. 250 grams of the magic is only $12.00 and available online only. Just google “frank coffee scrub”.

Another item I tested was pure coconut oil. I tend to get really dry skin from being in the chlorinated pools so much so this is a nice treat to my skin. I found it just at my regular supermarket in the Asian foods isle. A big jar like this was $6.00 but I’ve just now seen it online for cheaper through organic sellers. So have a shop around. Rub it all over your body in the shower and go about your usual routine letting the water run over it for a few minutes. Get a pH neutral wash and rinse off to get the residue oil off your body. It will leave your skin beautifully soft. I’m very impressed. I tried it in my hair, but it was just a tad too hard to get out.

Enjoy bloggers!



Facts About Exercise.

Did you know…

– Exercise improves your immune system- that is, helps your body fight off potential illness.

– Eating fruit before exercise reduces the chance of you losing weight as a result of the exercise. Your body uses the fructose instead of body fat as fuel for energy during your workout. People who do not want to lose weight, but want to exercise regularly should consider having a piece of fruit 30 minutes before your workout.

– Exercise reduces the effects of stress, depression and anxiety by assisting the body in releasing happy hormones to improve your mood! (IBS sufferers, this is ideal for you. Did you know the main trigger of IBS is stress? Even if you don’t think you are stressed it could be the cause of all your pains and discomfort. Add some more exercise into your routine to cheer your body up!)

– Eating properly pre-workout, post-workout and pre-race can improve your performance, for a good read, click here: http://www.womensfitnessmagazine.com.au/fitness/exercises/2013/9/eat-for-exercise/

Exercise is incredible for the body, it: helps the body fight disease, age well, improves bodily functions, improves digestion (IBS people, this is a good fact for you), improves flexibility, helps with stress, helps with improving sleep, makes you feel good, gives you more energy, can help with mental illness as well as reduce the chance of developing memory issues at an old age, and gives you goals which can give you something great to work towards and look forward to each day.


Friends! The 365 Days of Purity 7-Day Meal Planner is NOW AVAILABLE! (finally). Heres the details:

The 365 Days of Purity meal planner includes 90% clean eating meals. The booklet contains facts and benefits of some of the foods you are eating, and is an organised booklet of 7 days worth of planned meals for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. The book contains meals that can be frozen and used another day, and a no-waste system that uses elements of some meals to be eaten the next day or at another time. This booklet can be re-arranged to be used for weeks, even months. The 365 Days of Purity book gets you on track with healthy eating and nutritious food so all the organising is done for you. The book contains the appropriate serving sizes for specific age groups and a grocery list of the items required so you are ready to go! I am studying nutrition at University and this book has been compiled using the information I have learnt.

It is available for sale as a PDF (can be downloaded and printed in your own home, or put on a tablet or mobile device) for $3.00. I wanted to make this available to everyone at the most affordable price I could. This cheap price does not mean it is low in quality, I have put tens and tens of hours into this. I really hope you enjoy it. Attached are some previews.

Heres the link to purchase it:



Product of the Week!

Dairy free, lactose free, gluten free, vegan…. this is just too good to be true! I found these little beauties at Woolworths (Australian supermarket) and they are definitely worth a try.Product of the Week!

Too Easy Pumpkin Soup!

Bit chilly out isn’t it?- Heres something to warm you from the inside out!

Pumpkins are wonderful sources of vitamins A and C (which play an important role in eyesight maintenance and immunity), magnesium (for heart health), and phosphorus (integral element of maintaining healthy and normal physiological function). Who wouldn’t want these goodies.

This takes literally a minute of preparation, and is very satisfying. Enjoy!Too Easy Pumpkin Soup!

Meal Preparation + Grocery List (Suitable for dairy intolerant, lactose intolerant)

Hi everyone, today I’m going to explain how I have prepared my meals for the next month. I like to have everything per-organised and a vegemite sandwich does not cut it for lunch for me. Its great to cook your meals ahead of time, you save stressing out and being under pressure to cook something healthy, quickly, so enjoy your cooking time and your meals with an easier approach to organisation in the kitchen.

So here we go:

I have made 28 meals today: of 4 different kinds, all using turkey mince (heart healthy, low low low fat and high high high protein!!!!). My meals are:

1. Cantonese turkey mince with rice and tortillas and broccolini
2. Spaghetti bolognese with rice
3. Mexican flavoured turkey mince with tortillas
4. Chicken thigh Schnitzels with vegetables

These meals include protein, carbohydrates, and 4 serves of vegetables (altogether), are low in fat and low GI (keep you fuller for longer).

I have uploaded a picture below of the ingredient list, the whole lot cost me less than $50.00 in groceries. Bargain!!!

I had 3 pans going on the stove at once, but to simplify it:

For: 1. Cantonese turkey mince with rice and tortillas and broccolini
2. Spaghetti bolognese with rice
3. Mexican flavoured turkey mince with tortillas:

– Brown mince with an onion in a pan on medium heat.
– Once brown, Add desired flavourings (e.g: bolognese add tinned tomatoes and mushrooms, for Mexican mince add taco seasoning and BBQ sauce, for Cantonese turkey mince add the Cantonese flavoured sauce).
– Meanwhile boil the rice and potatoes (in separate pans), they take about 6 minutes or so.
– steam the vegetables you choose over the boiling pot in a steamer.
– spoon all meals into separate containers and freeze till your ready to take them out for your meal!

For: 4. Chicken thigh Schnitzels with vegetables:
– put chicken thighs in oven on 190 degrees Celsius for 35 minutes.
– put into allocated containers with potatoes and brocollini, and freeze till your ready to take them out for your meal!