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Happy Anniversary 365 Days of Purity Friends!

For those of you who have “liked” #365 Days of Purity since day one, did you know it has actually been 365 days? Well done to those of you who have continued to improve your health by eating a bit cleaner, whether with your entire diet or with some parts of it – you have changed the outlook for your health in the future and that is an amazing achievement. I’d love to know how it has made some of you feel: Post below and let me know of any changes you have felt, and if your happier with this way of life compared to what you were before! I’ll share my story to get you kick started!

Heres to another 365 days of happiness, health and passion for food and fitness.

A year ago I visited a dietitian because I could not bare another day of living with IBS. I started clean eating under her guidance and haven’t looked back a day since. I was having complications with my stomach every 2-3 days, and that has been minimised to once or twice every 2 months. For anyone else with IBS – you can understand, that this is an amazing improvement. In regards to eating cleaner and healthier, I feel much better, with more energy and deeper sleeping, I crave foods like vegetables instead of sweets and have discovered some beautiful and delicious food along the way. I hope your health and wellbeing has improved also. Let me know!! Happy anniversary guys! xx



Swap It

Fortnightly Challenge!! (quite delayed, but bare with me). This next fortnight’s challenge will prove to be a struggle for quite a few of us, so heres to making our days more productive. It would be great if everyone could get really involved with this challenge! And maybe even upload your progress or what you “swap” for social media for the next 2 weeks. Upload it to the Facebook page or hashtag (#365daysofpurity and @365daysofpurity) on Instagram to share! A happy and joyful, healthy and positive week to you all!

Swap It

Opportunity Awaits… Don’t Miss It.

Sometimes life presents an opportunity that opens possibility, and even reality. Today I’m giving you one.

Passion Passport is an organisation that ignites the possibility to travel, to everyone. And tomorrow, entries open for The Bucket-List Initiative, where you share your story and interests regarding travel to be given a trip funded completely, for you to explore the world.

Live your best life.


Opportunity Awaits... Don't Miss It.

Meal Preparation + Grocery List (Suitable for dairy intolerant, lactose intolerant)

Hi everyone, today I’m going to explain how I have prepared my meals for the next month. I like to have everything per-organised and a vegemite sandwich does not cut it for lunch for me. Its great to cook your meals ahead of time, you save stressing out and being under pressure to cook something healthy, quickly, so enjoy your cooking time and your meals with an easier approach to organisation in the kitchen.

So here we go:

I have made 28 meals today: of 4 different kinds, all using turkey mince (heart healthy, low low low fat and high high high protein!!!!). My meals are:

1. Cantonese turkey mince with rice and tortillas and broccolini
2. Spaghetti bolognese with rice
3. Mexican flavoured turkey mince with tortillas
4. Chicken thigh Schnitzels with vegetables

These meals include protein, carbohydrates, and 4 serves of vegetables (altogether), are low in fat and low GI (keep you fuller for longer).

I have uploaded a picture below of the ingredient list, the whole lot cost me less than $50.00 in groceries. Bargain!!!

I had 3 pans going on the stove at once, but to simplify it:

For: 1. Cantonese turkey mince with rice and tortillas and broccolini
2. Spaghetti bolognese with rice
3. Mexican flavoured turkey mince with tortillas:

– Brown mince with an onion in a pan on medium heat.
– Once brown, Add desired flavourings (e.g: bolognese add tinned tomatoes and mushrooms, for Mexican mince add taco seasoning and BBQ sauce, for Cantonese turkey mince add the Cantonese flavoured sauce).
– Meanwhile boil the rice and potatoes (in separate pans), they take about 6 minutes or so.
– steam the vegetables you choose over the boiling pot in a steamer.
– spoon all meals into separate containers and freeze till your ready to take them out for your meal!

For: 4. Chicken thigh Schnitzels with vegetables:
– put chicken thighs in oven on 190 degrees Celsius for 35 minutes.
– put into allocated containers with potatoes and brocollini, and freeze till your ready to take them out for your meal!



Count Your Blessings, Not Your Problems.

One thing many people disregard in their day to day activities is their blessings. When we meet with friends we usually talk about our problems, lets make an pact to change that.

One way of relieving stress, anxiety, sadness, or feeling overwhelmed is just to stop, and think about all the wonderful things that you can offer, that you are a part of, and that have happened to you. I saw a show last night that aimed to cheer up a group of people that had got lost in their lives by making them write their own eulogy- as a way of making them realise all the wonderful things that they have offered and that they have done.

If we all spoke about our joys and not our problems don’t you think the world would be a much happier place? Maybe you could make todays challenge to count your blessings. Easy enough.

IBS sufferers- We all suffer from stress, now, grab your diary, or a piece of paper and scribble down everything that makes you happy, and everything that is good that you have done, it doesn’t have to be big, or small, it just has to have something on it that you can be proud of. This year you are going to aim to change your illness, and I kid you not- all these processes have worked for me. I’ve had IBS for almost 5 years, and I’m finally turning it around, so that I am its boss! My symptoms are easing, and you can do this too.

Realise what good you do, and what good you have done, and have a wonderful day.

If you have Instagram, hashtag #365daysofpurity in your photo of something great that you have done, or that you do. Purity of the mind is essential to self satisfaction.
Count Your Blessings