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Purity for The Skin

Hello! Recently I have had a try of a few different products for skin care (body not face) and stumbled across these wonders. “Frank” is a naturally made body scrub of coffee grounds, brown sugar, essential oils, orange extract and other beautiful ingredients that you rub all over your body and literally have the worlds softest skin as a result. It’s beautiful. 250 grams of the magic is only $12.00 and available online only. Just google “frank coffee scrub”.

Another item I tested was pure coconut oil. I tend to get really dry skin from being in the chlorinated pools so much so this is a nice treat to my skin. I found it just at my regular supermarket in the Asian foods isle. A big jar like this was $6.00 but I’ve just now seen it online for cheaper through organic sellers. So have a shop around. Rub it all over your body in the shower and go about your usual routine letting the water run over it for a few minutes. Get a pH neutral wash and rinse off to get the residue oil off your body. It will leave your skin beautifully soft. I’m very impressed. I tried it in my hair, but it was just a tad too hard to get out.

Enjoy bloggers!



365 Days of Purity now has an Instagram account!

You can follow 365 on Instagram now! And you can upload your photos to be included on the page if you hashtag #365daysofpurity or @365daysofpurity.


The 365 Days of Purity List of Bare-Essentials

I’ve made a little list of 365 Days of Purity necessities- a few handy things to get you started on your journey to a clean and active life.The 365 Days of Purity List of Bare-Essentials