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NEW & IMPROVED Meal Planner Sneak Peak!!!!

Who wants to see a sneak peak of the NEW AND IMPROVED meal planner? Coming along really nicely, I’m very excited, this time it includes your daily intake (so you know your getting the right amount of servings each day of all the important foods) and health tips relating to what you are putting in that will benefit your wellbeing! And this one will be much much much cheaper, I want to make it available to everyone!

So sorry again about the mess up, I’m including all the good things I know from my meal planning class so I can’t wait to finish it!

NEW & IMPROVED Meal Planner Sneak Peak!!!


The Gutsy Challenge

Need something more than basic motivation to get you to eat healthy? Here’s something fantastic:

Three Reasons to Take the Gutsy Challenge

-90% of Australians are not eating enough fruit and vegetables. By taking the Gutsy Challenge you’ll will develop healthier eating habits.

-A diet high in fruit and vegetables can reduce the incidence of dietary and lifestyle diseases, such as gastro-intestinal cancer.

-The money you raise will fund vital research to save, extend and improve the quality of life for gastro-intestinal cancer patients.

Go to: http://www.gutsychallenge.com/