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meal Planner: Details on Added Extras!

I’m working on the meal planner today and have added an extra few little features, such as a “No Wasting” section, encouraging you to use elements of the foods you used in a particular day as part of the meals for the next day! Cheaper for you, and less waste occurs. Also, I am adding the Dietary Food Intake recommendations, so that you can ensure you are including the serving size that is suitable for your age group or gender. Have a great end to the week lovely people!


Myths About Health and Gluten Free Foods

Hello everyone! I’ve been watching a show called “The Food Investigators”- on SBS. They pointed out some things that I will bring to the table here. In a recent increase in Gluten Intolerance there has been a huge surge in the availability of gluten free foods.. Some people may believe that by eating gluten free you are choosing the healthier option. Unless you are gluten intolerant, there is no health or nutritional benefit to eating gluten free, apart from eating a few (very small quantity) less kj’s as a result of skipping out on carbohydrates that gluten is found in. But most of all, remember that if you think you are eating healthier by choosing the gluten free option, you are most likely missing out on a very important part of a healthy diet, by not eating carbohydrates that are needed to be eaten to maintain health.

You can speak to a dietitian about what options are best for your health or you can comment below, and I can research through health journals I have access to through my university to answer your questions.

Meal Planner- Coming Soon!!!!!

Guess what! The 365 Clean Eating Weekly Meal Plan is about to go up for sale. It has been created so the possibilities are endless for meal choices. I have provided a meal organiser page so you can switch and swap around what you like for literally months worth of variation. It will be available soon so keep an eye out for more details! I’ll be running a competition soon as well to win a free one! (Make sure you “like” our Facebook group to enter the competition.) Exciting things happening today.

Asian Turkey Mince

This is a great lunch or dinner recipe, and can also be served as a finger food for an appetiser.

The Turkey mince option makes it really low in fat compared to other meat cuts. It is a 90% clean eating recipe and is very healthy, low in sugar and fat and is delicious! One of my favourite Summer meals.

Great for the lactose intolerant, IBS intolerant (exclude nuts from dish), dairy allergic and can be made nut free without any real taste loss.

Asian Turkey Mince

How To- Make Almond Milk.

It’s amazing what you can find when you have a good look around.

Lorna Jane Active upload “How To” videos to YouTube every once and a while and I’ve just stumbled across their video on how to make almond milk. What a brilliant idea!!

If you can’t have lactose or dairy, are trying to save money and want a preservative free option, then this is for you.

Have a healthy, nutritious and exciting day everyone!


What is 365 Days of Purity All About?

What is 365 Days of Purity?365 Days of Purity is a year long challenge I created to irradiate the symptoms and effects of IBS. I however, have changed and altered the demographic to make sure that everyone can benefit from 365 Days of Purity in some way.

365 Days of Purity involves positive thinking towards yourself and your actions, nourishing your body with wholesome foods and only natural products and exercising to achieve a body you are comfortable in, and that helps you from day to day perform at your best.

365 Days’ is a way for people with intolerances, allergies or IBS to be able to monitor what they eat in an easier way. The recipes uploaded are 75% clean eating based recipes. They are made with substitutions and benefits so that anyone can eat the foods. Food is an exciting and wonderful thing, and everyone should be able to share the same feelings towards it.

Ways to make your 365 Days an amazing journey are:

– To keep a food diary- watch what you eat, so that if you have trigger foods you can look over your intake for the day and easily distinguish which it was that affected you.

– Exercise regularly. Not once a week, but at least once every 2 days. Exercise relieves stress, has physical benefits for mobility and wellbeing and helps you structure a routine in your day.

– Positive thinking. Its easier said than done, and if you lead a busy week, make sure you allow some time for yourself to day dream once in a while. Its great for stress relief and as a way to set goals and make yourself remember what it is you want with yourself and your life.

– Excite yourself with amazing and healthy food. Plan your meals out so that you may stick to a diet that dosent allow any room for slipping into bad habits and eating bad food. Create a wholesome and healthy breakfast, plan out an amazing lunch, buy a juicer, make your own frozen yoghurt. Food is exciting! Involve yourself in your cooking and meal planning so that it becomes something you look forward to, rather than a chore.

– Purity of the mind. Influential media, motivational media, Fitness blogs, health blogs, magazines that promote cooking and health, work in community service, donate blood, donate used clothing, donate to a charity. You are a whole being, that can have enormous impact on many or someones lifes/lives. Remember you are here for a purpose, discover it.

Resolutions Health Salad!

Hello everyone, hope you’ve all had a wonderful start to your day so far.

Today I would like to share my favourite lunch recipe and I’ve called it Resolutions Salad! Heres to a year of healthy meals and happy bodies!

This salad is great for just about everyone, can be made gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, nut free. Its delicious, a clean eating recipe and so easy to make, can whip it up with ease the night before.

Resolutions Health Salad