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Product of the Week!

I can barely get enough of this goodness lately! Product of the week- Soy Ice-cream.

Soy has been proven by scientists and food institutions to reap huge health benefits, especially that of heart health. So get some of this baby into your diet! Soy is a wonderful replacement for full dairy ice-cream, with lower fat and sugar content.

I have mine with a quarter cup of apple puree as treat, mmmm mmmm! Product of the Week!


Fortnightly Challenge: Swap It.

Hello everyone!

Its time for another Fortnightly Challenge! This one is for those of you who are having trouble with the transition from eating regularly to eating clean- and is a wonderful way to give you a challenge for the fortnight and something to towards achieving for each day!

Setting challenges and goals are beneficial to our development, physically and mentally. We need things to give us motivation and a drive for life! So by setting goals you are giving yourself purpose, whether big or small it makes a difference and can be wonderful for stress relief and for gaining a sense of self achievement.

Remember to Instagram your photos! Happy Eating!

Fortnightly Challenge- Swap It!