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How To- Make Almond Milk.

It’s amazing what you can find when you have a good look around.

Lorna Jane Active upload “How To” videos to YouTube every once and a while and I’ve just stumbled across their video on how to make almond milk. What a brilliant idea!!

If you can’t have lactose or dairy, are trying to save money and want a preservative free option, then this is for you.

Have a healthy, nutritious and exciting day everyone!



Coconut Bread! Yum!

This is a delicious recipe for breakfast or a snack! Can be made lactose and soy and dairy free, just swap over the necessary ingredients to ones which you can have. Can have berries or fruit added by all means. Great for a change-up from your ordinary brekky!Healthy Breakfast Recipe!

Guilt Free Frozen Yoghurt- The Ice-cream Alternative.

This is so so easy, and ridiculously cheap. Great for people who are watching weight, have IBS (because yoghurt is tolerated) and people who are aiming to have a low sugar diet. This is a fantastic find for me!