The Giggles of Health Food

So, today I decided to be a bit adventurous in the health food isle at my local supermarket. I came across 2 new things I thought I’d give a go: 1. Dairy-Free White Chocolate – Don’t try this haha. It was awful, I’m not sure what I expected but I use to love white chocolate before I became dairy intolerant. This will never replace the real stuff!

2. Tamari Roasted Almonds – If you find these, definitely try them, they are delicious.If your Australian they are at Woolies in the vegetables section in a little container (check my Instagram to see a photo).

So I scored a 50% success rate in finding something nice today, there are some duds out there. But if your lucky you can find some really delicious products that are healthy alternatives to the real thing and that may actually taste better.

Anyone have any recommendations for nice things to try? I absolutely love food, and like to take my time to browse items in the supermarkets!


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