Myths About Health and Gluten Free Foods

Hello everyone! I’ve been watching a show called “The Food Investigators”- on SBS. They pointed out some things that I will bring to the table here. In a recent increase in Gluten Intolerance there has been a huge surge in the availability of gluten free foods.. Some people may believe that by eating gluten free you are choosing the healthier option. Unless you are gluten intolerant, there is no health or nutritional benefit to eating gluten free, apart from eating a few (very small quantity) less kj’s as a result of skipping out on carbohydrates that gluten is found in. But most of all, remember that if you think you are eating healthier by choosing the gluten free option, you are most likely missing out on a very important part of a healthy diet, by not eating carbohydrates that are needed to be eaten to maintain health.

You can speak to a dietitian about what options are best for your health or you can comment below, and I can research through health journals I have access to through my university to answer your questions.


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