Passion Changes Everything.

If your one of the lucky few that knows what they want with their life, who has a burning desire to chase after something, who wake up every day with a sense of purpose; don’t ever let it go.

I used to be a swimmer, for 7 years. I live in a country town that dosent exactly make it easy to access major coaches and competition, but with the support of my parents I went as far as I could by training myself 9 times a week and competing in school events, which allowed for a bigger venue and competition than those hosted in the surrounding towns near me.

Opportunity to do this all again flashed its beautiful face in front of me a few days ago, when I was in the fruit market wearing my state rep shirt. I had a complete stranger ask me what the logo on my shirt represented. I explained that it was a shirt from a State representative meet from a few years back, he asked me what sport I represented in, I said “swimming” and he replied “thats great, good on you!” with an enormous smile. Consequently it got me thinking about how much I missed the routine, the structure and the massive focus on exercise and nutrition that I had in my life, which was a necessity, not just a passion. Anyway, I got given a spark of fate and have pursued its course to find a little fork in the road that goes off my usual path these days. I have decided to get back into the sport I love for one last chance at qualifying for Nationals, and this choice has ignited a flame inside me that was extinguished a long time ago… nothing has got me this excited in a while. And for that, I must share with you how important I believe it is to find what you love, and let it drill you into the ground.

Passion changes everything, it is a beautiful serving of being, belonging and purpose that we are given as a result of participating in a sport, career or charity that we love. If you were once a part of something you miss, long for or wish was still in your life: what are you doing without it?

We get such short lives and I believe if there is something you want to do then you should do it! Passion pulls you out of bed every morning with enthusiasm and drive.. instead of the usual “is it already time to get up?”. You deserve a beautiful life of happiness and if you are passionate about something then pursue it, you will give it more love than other tasks to which you have no passion for.

Make your 365 Days of Purity Journey a journey of health, fitness and happiness, and most certainly passion. Live out your best life.Passion Changes Everything.


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