Wisdom Wednesday

Hello everyone,

I’d like to share a little quote with you today- of which I hope will influence your thoughts positively. I believe the greatest gift you could give yourself is the experience of travel. It opens your eyes, heart and mind to the most incredible thing we have ever been given- the earth, our world.

If you give nothing to yourself over your lifetime at least take the time to travel, where you live is the tiniest fraction of whats around you, and boy, is it beautiful.

My parents took me overseas the year I turned 18, it is still to this day the greatest experience of my whole life, I think about it every day without doubt, reminisce when together with my family and wish and hope to experience it once again, once you see a little bit of the world- you’ll get the greatest craving of all to see some more.

Open your beautiful minds and lives to the great world, have a wonderful Wednesday.

Purity of The Mind.

Purity of The Mind.


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