Backyard Food

Hello everyone!

I have discovered a wonderful new hobby that I cant wait any longer to share with you! Growing your own produce!

As old-lady, granny or boring as that may sound to some, it is something I am passionate about. The healthiest and most natural of foods- This is clean eating at its finest. Gardening your own food has wonderful benefits: more time outdoors, the freshest of food going straight to your plate, no long term storage (supermarkets can store your veggies for weeks before you even get to see them on the shelves, yuck!), packed full of vitamins and minerals when picked at their most ripe and delicious food that keeps on giving, for a cheap one off price!

If this sounds good to you, the people at your local hardware store or nursery can give you some top tips for which plants to put in your garden depending on which season it is!

If clean eating, fitness and a healthy lifestyle are the things you are passionate about, living off the produce from your own backyard can also be something to get excited over!

The 365 Days of purity lifestyle promotes nourishing foods- so this is a wonderful place to start for anyone who is reading on for the first time.Backyard Food


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