Hello everyone,
Welcome to your week, I hope you have some great plans for exercise, healthy eating and something to look forward to.

This week I would like to encourage and inspire you to take on a health challenge that will reap positive benefits.

If you take on a health challenge such as minimising sugar intake, minimising carb intake, avoiding high fat foods or replacing some meals with a healthy alternative will encourage healthy habits.

No lifestyle change will have a positive effect on you unless it obtains some obstacles, yes your health, diet, and physical changes will be difficult, and at times you will question you starting this lifestyle for better health and activity but its worth it in the end.

Taking on a journey with obstacles will have a more positive outcome than a journey you went through easily and got to the end quickly. An example of this is the craze going around with “skinny tea”. I personally believe that this is no way to great your body.

Skinny tea contains laxatives, and whether they are natural or not they cause your digestive system to fill with water needed by other parts of your body to quickly push the stomach contents out. The skinny tea does not allow you to nourish your body with correct nutrients because the stomach and bowel is constantly purging itself.

If your goal is weight-loss, then eat cleanly and exercise regularly and you will have longer lasting results. Quick fixes such as shake meal replacements and skinny teas will solve your problem quickly, but un-naturally, and the weight is likely to go back on once you begin eating normally again.

So, set yourself a journey or challenge and even though there are obstacles, just know that there will be longer lasting results.

Have a positive week, full of happiness and peace.


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