Fortnightly Challenge Number 3!

Fornightly Challenge Number 3! — Hello everyone, happy Tuesday! I hope wherever you are that your day is going well, you’ve nourished your body with some delicious and healthy food, and that you plan or have already gotten out in the fresh air. This challenge is all about a positive state of mind, and going out to use it. Let your positive actions influence others.

IBS Sufferers, if you consider yourself to be on the road to recovery along with me on the 365 Days of Purity lifestyle change then this is the task for you. Positive thinking is one of the simplest and easiest ways to rid stress. Its just like how we have to replace all our foods with different alternatives to avoid pain and discomfort, just this time, with words and thoughts. You have to take away the “cants, will nots and wont happens” and replace them with “yes I cans” in order to lead a happier and more fulfilled life, with less stress. Don’t let depressing thoughts and doubt ruin your day, you can beat this. Here is a simple way to try.

Fortnightly Challenge Number 3!


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