Make It Happen – Goals

Hello everyone,

I imagine a few of you would have created a few new years resolutions- if in your 2013 list there was a goal about becoming more active, or there-abouts, then read on.

There are many amazing activities available out there for anyone who is interested in fitness and wellbeing, here is a list of a few of them, just Google search the one that interests you (E.g: Nike She Runs) for more information.

These are a great way of accomplishing something, working in a team, being outside more, enjoying some sun, and making the most of a weekend.

For anyone who suffers from stress, having a goal to work towards (especially in fitness, as moving your body helps the release of endorphins – the happy hormone) will help ease the stresses of life, you have something to focus on that isn’t life’s daily problems, and you can work towards something, making small goals each day to accomplish something to boost your confidence, self esteem and happiness, as well as fitness!

Remember to hashtag your activities – #365daysofpurity on Instagram so we can see your amazing active life and share ideas.

Have a wonderful day.

Make It Happen - Goals


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