What Works For You?

In our everyday rushes we tend to find ourselves getting a bit lost in it all. Make the time for you. Its essential, to find happiness you need to allow time for yourself. Take a few breaths, go for a walk, do your favourite exercise, watch a cooking show, loose your mind somewhere amongst your favourite websites, spend quality time with a loved one.

For those who struggle with IBS, the stress of life is more than physically evident for us. You need to tell yourself to relax, its not all that bad. Yoga is a practice that, with persistence, will force you to slow down. Its a meditative state (don’t let that scare you off) that puts importance on balance, slow and calm breathing and emptying of the mind. Give it a go. Find what relaxes you, motivates you, or calms you.

Find something for yourself that is a passion that you can share, if you feel you need to utilise your presence on this earth then find a cause to put yourself into, this can be donating blood, registering to help with your State Emergency Service or becoming active within a local charity group. Share your passion. It is so important, you will feel like you are making a difference and your giving yourself something to live for. Do not stress, relax.

This year is for you. Make it evident to everyone around you. Live what you love, and do what makes you happy.


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